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CMI Clinic offer a range of personalized services

  • Evaluation, consultation and medical follow-up (covered by the RAMQ)
    • Occupational Medicine
    • Sports Medicine
    • Family Medicine
  • Specialized Medicine
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The medical team for treatment plan

Medical care and follow-up

Patients suffering from muscular, bony or joint injuries are treated by the physicians of the CMI Clinic (covered by RAMQ) and his team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, acupuncturists…

Having developed an expertise in occupational and sports medicine, our doctors follow their patients in close collaboration with the team of health professionals to allow the patient to return quickly to his normal activities.

Medical follow-up with the team of physiotherapists and occupational therapists allows the patient to get answers to his questions quickly and modify the treatment plan more easily to maximize rehabilitation. Our specialists, including a rheumatologist, ENT, pediatrician or our rapid access to orthopedics, physiatry or radiology are important assets for the patient.

Our doctors will be able to make a diagnosis quickly in order to define the treatment plan. Treatments can be covered by the CNESST, SAAQ or private insurance.

Medical visits are covered by the RAMQ.