Body and Soul Care with CMI Clinic’s Mental Health Program


Our Mission, your overall health!

The purpose of CMI Clinic’s Mental Health Program is to accompany, guide and support you in regaining health and balance in all aspects of your life. Whether you are  dealing with depression, anxiety, burnout or any other condition, we guide you  so that you can progress on your way to recovery. The mental health program is specifically designed to help you better manage the symptoms, emotions and behaviors that affect your quality of life.

santé-mentale1-physio-CMIWe focus on your mental health to help you achieve your meaningful goals:

    • Workplace reintegration
    • Resumption of professional and personal life habits
    • Education on adaptation and symptom management techniques
    • Development of social skills

CMI Clinics welcome adults who are currently experiencing difficulties going through changes whether at work, at home or following a major event. We also work with people who experience a period of profound self-questioning, , following changes in lifestyle or personal ambitions for example. The following situations are among the most common cases we work with at CMI:

    • Anxiety disorders
    • Burnout
    • Depression
    • Post-traumatic stress
    • Adjustment disorders

It has been shown that people with chronic health conditions, or who suffer from pain or discomfort, are more vulnerable in terms of mental health*. CMI Clinics  answer  to this need by promoting  interdisciplinary collaboration between therapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, doctors and in physical health therapists.

The Public Health Agency of Canada reports that among the top seven health problems in Canada, mental disorders and mental illnesses are leading the way in terms of costs associated with direct care (Mental Health Commission of Canada [MHCC], 2012b). The promotion of mental health and the prevention of mental illness have become priorities on a global scale. They are also endorsed by the Canadian and Quebec governments.* Therefore, CMI Clinics have implemented a program to improve mental health.santé-mentale2-physio-CMI

CMI Clinics work closely with insurance companies  to implement action plans to accompany workers in their process of returning to work and to their daily activities.

Our team offers you all the support you need to help you move towards  recovery by providing health professionals who work together to get you back to your normal activities.

Our services are confidential and personalized for each individual.